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Teaching Experience

Current Courses (2015-2016):
Fundamentals of Algebra 1 (co-taught, double block, small class of students who all have learning disabilities)
Algebra 1 (co-taught, inclusion class with ~20 students, mixed regular-ed, ELL and students with disabilities)
Algebra 1 Support (subset of the Algebra 1 course who need extra support to reach grade level, intention is to pre-teach Algebra 1 content and build up prerequisite skills)
Honors Pre-Calculus (class of ~25 students, mix of juniors and seniors)

Past Courses: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Caclulus/Calculus combined course, AP Calculus

I student taught in Holyoke, MA, spent 3 years in Lawrence, MA and am in my sixth year in Salem, MA. These are all urban, high needs districts. Salem is a diverse community (truly diverse, as opposed to Lawrence which is homogenous but not the same as the surrounding middle-class, white communities). We have immigrants from all over (though they are predominantly hispanic), keep nearly all of our special education students in district (which puts us at around 30% of the population on an IEP or 504), many students are bilingual, around 10% are in the ELL program and over 50% receive free or reduced lunch. As someone who grew up in suburbia I value the many perspectives that my students share and am truly impressed with how well students learn to get along with their peers. I miss being across from the life skills classroom where I could teach my students how to interact with these differently-abled students, but I still have plenty of opportunities to teach students to get along now that I'm teaching ninth grade.

Gay Straight Alliance Adviser
The GSA has a small core of students who meet weekly. Those students plan events for the larger community who are supportive but may not be able to attend regular meetings. These events include Day of Silence, Coming Out Day and Ally Week.


The Best of Math Teacher Blogs
Print and eBook, edited compliation.
Published March 2016

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School NCTM Blog
Series of four blog posts.
Published February-March 2015

Nix the Tricks
Print and eBook, over 23,000 downloads.
Published November 2013. Second Edition Published January 2015

Drawing on Math
Math education blog. Reflection and resources.
Published 2011-present

Professional Development: Presenter

Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England (ATMNE)
Nix the Tricks presentation (2015)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting
Nix the Tricks presentation (2015)

DuPage Valley Conference
Keynote Speaker
Nix the Tricks presentation (2015)

Twitter Math Camp
Three day morning session on K-12 Connections, Nix the Tricks presentation (2015)
Three day morning session on Pre-Calculus, Nix the Tricks presentation (2014)
Three day morning session on Geometry, Resource Building workshop (2013)

Northwest Mathematics Conference
Invited speaker
Nix the Tricks presentation (2014)

Keeping Learning on Track
Led monthly professional learning communities with a focus on formative assessment (2007-2010)

Professional Development: Event Organizer

Twitter Math Camp
Conference planning committee (2014-present)
Web designer (2014-present)
Board member: treasurer (2016)

Scaling the Teaching Curve
Organized weekend professional development opportunities. (2015-present)
Boston: December 2015
Chicago: March 2016

Explore the MathTwitterBlogosphere
Co-organized an eight week course for over 100 teachers around the world seeking to join an online community of math educators who freely share resources. (2013)
Co-organized a four week course. (2015, 2016)

Professional Development: Participant

Attended sessions at all conferences listed under Professional Development: Presenter.

Park City Mathematics Institute
Attended three-week summer program including mathematics study, education workshops and lesson planning group. (2011, 2012, 2014)
Table leader for the mathematics sessions. (2012, 2014)

Studied Number Theory (2008-2009) and Hyperbolic Geometry (2010) at Boston University during six-week intensive summer courses.
Attended and presented at five follow up sessions during the school year on education practices. (2008-2010)
TA for the Number Theory course. (2013)

National Math and Science Initiative
Participated in a multi-day training on vertical alignment toward AP courses. Implemented lessons and techniques in my classroom (2013)

Understanding by Design
Attended a multi-day training on the philosophy and implementation of backwards planning. Collaborated with colleagues to re-write Geometry and PreCalculus curriculum (2013)

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics Conference
Attended and shared resources with department at Salem High (2012)

Focus on Math
Participated in a bi-weekly mathematics study group. Trained in the CME curriculum (2007-2010)

Traditional Résumé