Nix the Tricks

Author of two editions, most recently published in October 2015.

Nix the Tricks Presentations:

  • 30-90 minute session for conferences
  • 3-hour workshop for districts (grades 3-6 and 7-12)
  • Three sets of 3-hour workshops (initial session and two follow-up dates)

Being a mathematics student is about critical thinking, justification and using tools of past experiences to solve new problems. Students who approach every topic as a series of steps to memorize are not learning math. In this session, we explore how to replace some popular tricks with teaching for understanding.

Unveiling the Magic Presentations:

  • 60-75 minute session for conferences
  • 3-hour workshop for districts

Math is magical and beautiful. Unlike sleight of hand magic, math tricks become even more amazing when they’re explained. When we decide to Nix the Tricks that doesn’t mean we stamp out all the weird and fun shortcuts, but instead we dive in and explore them! Come to this session to play with math and uncover some deep truths.

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