Current position

Assistant Director of the Center for Mathematics Achievement, Lesley University

  • Design and facilitate professional development and coaching for middle and high school teachers across Massachusetts and internationally. Topics include: high leverage practices, instructional routines, equitable access, and responding to the needs of students learning while surviving a pandemic (i.e. leveraging diagnostics, differentiation, and technology).
  • Support district administrators in curriculum selection and implementation, data analysis and interpretation, and equity based changes such as detracking course offerings.
  • EIR Grant with the ASSISTments Foundation:
    • Lead a team developing and implementing virtual professional learning communities centered around curriculum and technology implementation. Code session recordings for participation and iterate the facilitation model based on data.
    • Develop a system for adding responsive messages to the ASSISTments online tutoring platform. Train teachers to write messages aligned with the system. 
  • Collaborate with the STEAM Learning Lab to research methods for increasing the number of underrepresented student identities in upper level mathematics classes, as well as building teacher capacity.
  • Managed staff, negotiated service agreements, and developed the Center’s strategic plan during the director’s maternity leave.
  • Establish and maintain relationships across the education sector.

Curriculum Work

Curriculum Author and Standards Developer for Center for Curriculum Redesign

  • Develop curriculum modules in Bayesian Probability and Game Theory.
  • Wrote mathematics standards for grades K-10 to align to the new PISA topics.

Geometry Lead Author for the High School Illustrative Mathematics curriculum. (2018-2019)

  • Lead contractors and employees in the development of 8 instructional units for a problem-based, standards-aligned Geometry course.
  • Created student tasks, teacher lesson plans, assessments, and supplemental materials. Revised based on communication with and feedback from pilot teachers.
  • Collaborated with the Professional Learning team to ensure materials support teachers implementing the curriculum.
  • Facilitated remote curriculum-specific professional learning experiences for pilot teachers.
  • Collaborated in cross-departmental teams to build community and promote equity.

Teaching Experience

I student taught in Holyoke, MA, spent 3 years in Lawrence, MA and worked for seven years in Salem, MA – all public school districts with majority students of color. Salem is a diverse community with immigrants from around the world. Nearly all of the special education students remain in the district (around 30% of the population is on an IEP or 504), many students are bilingual, around 10% are in the ELL program and over 50% receive free or reduced lunch. As someone who grew up in an affluent suburb without much racial or economic diversity, I value the many perspectives that these students share and recognize the importance of tailoring instruction to meet their unique needs.

2010 – 2018 Mathematics Teacher, Salem High School, Salem, MA

  • Taught Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and PreCalculus. Environments included contained courses exclusively for students with learning disabilities, inclusion courses for students with disabilities, English language learners and on level students, and honors courses.
  • Spearheaded an innovative standards-based assessment system empowering students to take ownership of their learning with targeted remediation.
  • Advised the mayor and school committee as a member of the Salem Teachers Cabinet.
  • Collaborated with colleagues to re-write Geometry and PreCalculus curriculum following training in Understanding by Design.
  • Advisor: Gay Straight Alliance

2013 Teaching Assistant, Number Theory, PROMYS, Boston University

2007 – 2010 Mathematics Teacher, Performing & Fine Arts School High School, Lawrence, MA

  • Courses taught: Algebra Foundations, Algebra I, PreCalculus and AP Calculus
  • Advisor: Gay Straight Alliance

Education and Credentials

2011–present Massachusetts Professional Teaching License, Secondary Mathematics with SEI endorsement

45 graduate credits earned in general education, math education, and special education beyond masters degree from a variety of institutions.

2010 Boston University, Master of Mathematics in Teaching

2007 Mount Holyoke College, Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics


Drawing on Math
Math education blog. Reflection and resources.
Published 2011present

Center for Mathematics Achievement Blog
Math education blog. Reflection and resources.
Published 2020present

The Best of Math Teacher Blogs
Editor and contributing author. Print and eBook.
Published March 2016

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School NCTM Blog
Series of four blog posts.
Playing with ProportionsInternalizing the Order of OperationsReason Why When You Invert and MultiplyDisappearing Act (Nix Cancel)
Published FebruaryMarch 2015

Nix the Tricks
Print and eBook, over 23,000 downloads.
Published November 2013. Second Edition Published January 2015

Professional Development: Organizer

NCTM Publishing Committee
Member (20172020). Chair (20192020)

Conference planning committee and web manager (2014-2019)
Board member: secretary and treasurer (2016-2019)

Park City Mathematics Institute Weekend Editions (Scaling the Teaching Curve)
Organized six weekend professional development opportunities. (20152017)

NCTM Curriculum Resources Development Team
Wrote lessons to share on the NCTM website (2016)

Explore the Math Twitter Blogosphere
Co-organized a 4-8 week course for teachers around the world seeking to join an online community of math educators. (20132016)

Professional Development: Presenter

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting
Students Think (2021)
Rigor in Proofs, co-presented with Gabe Rosenberg (2019)
Unveiling the Magic (2019)
Language of Math (2018)
Nix the Tricks (2015, 2017)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Regional Meeting
Supporting Professional Learning Communities to Enhance Mathematics Instruction by Leveraging Data (2021, 2022)
Equity in the Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum: Diverse Tools for a Diverse Classroom, co-presented with Melissa Schumacher (2019)
Make Symbols Meaningful: How the IM Curriculum Structure Helps Students Learn Mathematical Language, co-presented with Melissa Schumacher (2019)
The Language of Mathematics (2018)

Association of Mathematics Teachers in New York State
Professional Noticing in Secondary Mathematics, co-presented with Hema Khodai (2020)

Western Massachusetts Math Partnership, Keynote Speaker
Nix the Tricks (2019)
Shifting from Mathemagicians to Mathematicians, co-presented with Hilary Kreisberg (2019)

Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England (ATMNE)
Unveiling the Magic (2018)
Language of Math (2017)
Nix the Tricks (2015)

Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Finding the Words in a Problem Based Curriculum, co-presented with Max Ray-Riek (2018)

Georgia RESA
Nix the Tricks workshops in 3 districts (2016)

DuPage Valley Conference, Keynote Speaker
Nix the Tricks (2015)

Unveiling the Magic (2018)
Co-Teaching; Language of Math (2017)
Breaking out of Ourselves (2016)
K-12 Connections; Nix the Tricks (2015)
Pre-Calculus; Nix the Tricks (2014)
Geometry; Resource Building workshop (2013)

Northwest Mathematics Conference, Invited speaker
Nix the Tricks (2014)

Keeping Learning on Track
Facilitated monthly professional learning communities focused on formative assessment practices (2007-2010)

Professional Development: Participant

I attended sessions at all conferences listed under Professional Development: Presenter, participated in school-based professional development, and earned 45 graduate credits in general education, math education, and special education beyond my masters degree from a variety of institutions.

Clear the Air
Participated in online book discussions and webinars. (2018-2020)
Lead a cohort of coworkers in discussions aligned with the online discussions. (2019)

Master Class in Equity and Inclusion
Participated in a multi-day training with Liza Talusan that culminated in strategic planning for equity and inclusion in our professional work. Engaged in two follow up coaching calls to further refine my goals and implementation plan.(2019)

Park City Mathematics Institute
Attended three-week summer program including mathematics study, education workshops, and lesson planning group. (2011, 2012, 2014)
Table leader for the mathematics sessions. (2012, 2014)

Studied Number Theory (20082009) and Hyperbolic Geometry (2010) at Boston University during six-week intensive summer courses.
Attended and presented at five follow up sessions during the school year on education practices. (2008-2010)
Teaching assistant for the Number Theory course. (2013)

National Math and Science Initiative
Participated in a multi-day training on vertical alignment toward AP courses. Implemented lessons and techniques in my classroom. (2013)

Understanding by Design
Attended a multi-day training on the philosophy and implementation of backward planning. Collaborated with colleagues to re-write Geometry and PreCalculus curriculum. (2013)

Focus on Math
Participated in a bi-weekly mathematics study group. Trained in the CME curriculum. (2007-2010)

Professional Affiliations

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England

Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts

TODOS: Mathematics for ALL

Benjamin Banneker Association