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The Global Math Department is a community of math teachers on the Internet. We communicate via Twitter and blogs so we use the nickname Math Twitter Blogosphere (MTBoS). First and foremost it’s a support group for teachers in year 0 to 50 (preservice to retired!). Over time, this diverse group has grown in number and in scope of activities. We’ve built resources, curricula, websites, and books. We run online workshop sessions, problem-solving groups, and a weekly “department meeting” via webinar. We are passionate math teachers who take pride in sharing our best math teaching ideas. We have different contexts and experiences yet collaborate across all of our diverse situations.

Co-organizer of a course for teachers around the world seeking to join an online community of math educators. (2013–2016) ExploreMTBoS.wordpress.com

Organizer of an NCTM booth since 2015. ExploreMTBoS.wordpress.com/booth-supplies/